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Training & Workshops 

Tyrone provides workshops, supervision, and training to mental health professionals and psychologists in Cognitive Therapy (CBT). Tyrone is a certified trainer of the Unified Protocol (UP), which is a cutting-edge CBT protocol that can treat various mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, and panic. The UP is a transdiagnostic treatment that can help anyone struggling to manage emotions, regardless of their diagnoses. Please view training options below.


General Supervision 

Tyrone provides personalized online supervision on an hourly basis for clinicians. The supervision sessions, which can be conducted individually or in groups, typically last for an hour and are customized to meet the clinician's requirements.


Unified Protocol
Level II training

In order to undergo Level II UP training and become a certified therapist, a minimum of a master's degree in Psychology is required. The training lasts for 12-16 weeks and is conducted online by Tyrone. During the training, participants will learn how to apply the UP to a case of their choice. Upon successful completion of the training, certification will be obtained from the Unified Protocol Institute.


Psychology Workshops

Tyrone offers workshops on various psychological topics, such as psychological maturity, resilience, and emotional regulation. These workshops usually last for one to two hours and include a Q&A session. Join us to gain valuable insights into these topics.

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